Myzerr – Coupon Social Network!!!

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So I was told of Myzerr and now I want to tell you!! What the heck is Myzerr?

“Myzerr is a virtual meeting place, an online platform that connects communities and users with each other and with businesses using a social object – coupons”

In short Myzerr is a social network… for COUPONS!! How cool is that?!

The social network part is you can connect with friends and groups on the site. Once you join, join my group, The Frugal Navy Wife! Have your own blog? You can create your own group and add coupons that interest you readers! Everything from local coupons to national coupons!

Once you join the site you can set your location and get local coupons in your area. Everything from clothing to dinning, education, entertainment and more! Some of my favorites are the Etsy Shop coupons! These make for some great deals over at Etsy.

You can stay connected via iPhone too with their app!

If you have a Facebook fan page and want to list their coupons on your site they have an app for that!! It’s simple and easy to use.

Are you a business owner? Or know someone who is? You can add your business and any sales and coupons you have going on and promote it with Myzerr!

For businesses Myzerr is infinitely flexible and customisable – there are no restrictions on the kind of offer you can put up, how many you put up, how long you have to keep them up for, and what criteria you require to be fulfilled in order for them to be redeemed. You are in complete control of your brand and its image.

Just by browsing threw the coupons today i found one for a free magnet, a free magic show, Free shipping at several Etsy shops, A Free kiddie hair band, and 25% off skin care! There are 100s of coupons to choose from!! They even have coupon in other countries too! This just isn’t for the USA!

This site us free to join and use to sign up now and take a look around, you have nothing to lose, only extra money to add to your pocket!


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