Season 2 of Extreme Couponing Premires September 25th + My thoughts and a preview!

OK you knew it was coming Season 2 of Extreme Couponing. We were all hoping season two TLC would get it right! We all remember the Coupon Fraud Committed by J’iame Kirlew on this show last season.

Well I have been debating about watching season 2 and while I know I shouldn’t since it’s not good for my blood pressure (and after the preview you will see why) I know I won’t be able to NOT watch it.

For those of you who are new to couponing these ‘extreme couponers’ are NOT the norm!! You don’t have to be like them to save money. Plus remember these trips they do for TV are their best trip ever and they don’t normally shop like this!

You can visit Entertainment Weekly to see a preview for season 2 of Extreme Couponing.

Now in this preview the lady that is featured with in the first few SECONDS Michelle (Also Known as The North Carolina Coupon Queen) clears the shelf and someone comes right up behind her and asks if that’s the last one. She gets snotty and says “Yes early bird gets the worm, sorry”. Now if that were me (and I know if it were many of you) we would offer the guy a few since she had just grabbed over 20+ of the Zone Bars!!

She then goes to admit how she clears shelves and ‘too bad you should have gotten there before me!’ This is NOT what we want to teach couponers. We want to share we are all trying to save money and it’s not fair to be greedy on 20+ of something we are just stocking up on when someone NEEDS only one of them! Plus there is a raise in stolen newspaper that is reportly from Extreme Coupning and it being shown on the show. Please remember this is ILLEGAL and called THEFT WHEN (not if, when) you are caught you will be charged for theft and could face jail time!

I was really hoping TLC would show the good aspect of couponing this season. Not the fraud and shelf clearing and hoarding but the donating and sharing we do as well. Now I know that there are a few episodes of donating, one coupons to donate to her church and another coupons to help cut costs and her sisters wedding. I’m hoping to See more of this!

Will you be watching this season?

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