Sponsor a Deployed Soldier for just $12!!


Being a Navy Wife it is VERY near and dear to my heart to help the service men and women who are deployed and away from home. My friend Heather’s husband is one of them right now. He is in the Army and Deployed with 200 other troops in his unit.


Well Heather is organizing a Fund Rasier to send each of those troops a Care Package! Each $12 donation sends a care package to a deployed service member. You can even include a small note if you wish. If you wish to sponsor one of these totes please email Heather at Heather.zeitlin31 @ Gmail.com (take out the spaces)



I ask that you share this with all your friends and family! As of the time of this post they have 45 totes sponsored and still have 155 more to go!!

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  1. This is something that alot of people could do and it not affect their pockets, we are talking a dollar a month we spend that on a candy bar. I will be looking to pitch in and help as much as i can

  2. Jennifer Hedden says:

    This is such a great cause!

  3. Ashley Hamilton says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea. My only question is, do these care packages go only to soldiers? Or do they go to men and women of all the branches?

  4. What a great program :) My brother is in the Navy and one of my best friends is a soldier in the Army who just returned from Iraq. I’m always sending them stuff lol Even the littlest things can make a big difference when you’re in a situation like that and away from home. Thanks for sharing!

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