Coupon Match up from March 18ths inserts at Family Dollar

I went through Family Dollar and matched up a lot of last weekends coupons with the items they offer at my local store. I hope you can find some deals at your stores, I’m sure prices vary some what by region but I hope this helps :) Our local stores are very limited and we have to drive at least 30 miles for the nearest Walmart so I do a lot of my weekly shopping at Family Dollar. **Carey

First I have the coupon Policy from Family Dollars website HERE. I always suggest bringing a copy of the stores policies with you when shopping and make sure you understand what that stores policy is. My exp. with our local store is even the store manager, assist. manager, and regular employees have no clue about their policy. My goal is always to get the best price for everything my family needs, patience and a smile go a long way. :)

**Mens Bic sensitive razors 12ct $2.85 use

Bic disposable razors save $2/1

final price = 85 cents!

**Womens Bic Silky Touch 14ct $3.00 use

bic disposable razor coupon $2/1

final price = $1

**Huggies Pullups 19 to 26ct $10.50

use the $2/1 pullups

final price =$8.50

**Clairol Haircolor $3.50 – $7

use the $2/1 Clairol Haircolor

final price = $1.50 – $5

**Phillips Liquid 20 ounce bottle $4.50

use the save $2/1 phillips product

final price = $2.50

**Bayer advanced 20ct $3.75, Bayer genuine 24ct $3.00, or bayer low dose 32ct $2.50

use the save $1.00 on any Bayer aspirin product

final price $1.50-$2.75.

**Capri Suns $2.50 buy 3 for $7.50

get one free with the B3G1Free Roarin Waters box free coupon

final price $1.87 each (not all stores have roarin waters so YMMV on this one)

**Suave Naturals, Mens bodywash, or kids body wash $2-$2.50 (I found some on clearance for $2 most are $2.50 make sure you checkend caps for clearance deals!)

use the Buy 2 get one free

Final price $1.33-$1.66 each

**Suave body lotion Wild Cherry Blossom 22 ounces $3

use the save $1 on any suave body lotion

final price = $2

**Suave professionals shampoo or conditioner $2-$2.50 (some on clearance for $2 most were $2.50. Almond and shea butter and volumizing were on clearance at my store) buy 2 use the 50 cents off 2 coupon

final price = $1.75-$2.25 each

**Gain Fabric softner $3.80 for 60 loads clearance price Floral Fusion Scent buy 2

use the $1.50/2 coupon for any gain detergent,fabric softner,dryer sheets

final price = $3.05 each

**Palmolive orignal 90 ounces $4

use this printable HERE for 50cents off Palmolive (zip 30303)

final price =$3.50 for 90ounce bottle!


**Arm & Hammer oxi clean 50 count laundry detergent had a Try me free offer on them for a purchase of a 16ct or larger keep an eye out for that there has been a lot of arm & hammer coupons out lately, use a coupon send the rebate in and make a lil money. Plus try a new product for free!


**Pringles $1/can

use the $1/4 coupon

final price = 75 cents each

**Mighty Dog canned dog food 5  for $3 buy 12

use the $3 off 12 cans

final price = $4.20/12 cans or 35 cents a can!



I wrote down the prices for almost everything they have in their instore coupon pages too so if you need a price let me know :) I wasn’t too organized this time forgot to keep my inserts seperated so I could let you know smartsource vs. other inserts! but I will get down a system in the future…my first ad match woohoo complete ;)  **Carey


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