HURRY! FREE Designer Shoes Is Back!





Thanks to my girl over at Freetail Therapy for the pics!



UPDATE: This just got BETTER! Now you can grab shoes, a handbag OR a pair of jeans for FREE!

KEEP READING! Below the pictures! You can see that I added a pair of jeans to my cart, and the magazine deal is still showing up, so HURRY and grab some new shoes, jeans or ahandbag for FREE!!! This deal never lasts long, but it is AMAZING!




I am ALL over this deal! FREE designer shoes!! Today on Just Fab, you can get a pair for FREE!! Keep in mind that you WILL have to pay $19.99 today, but they will be sending you a $20.00 rebate check making them FREE!! This is for NEW accounts only. If you already had an account, you will have to ask a friend or family member to join for you.

Here’s how:

1. Head over and sign up for Just Fab

2. Take the style quiz and fill out your style profile.

3. Find your shoes and add them to your cart.

4. Head for checkout. Normally, you’d receive 20% off, but today you’ll receive 50% off!!

5. You will also receive a FREE subscription to a magazine, make sure it is one that is $20 (Cosmo en Espanol is) . Click on “Pick Another One” to get one valued at $20.




6. The reason for wanting a magazine valued at $20 is for the rebate. Print off the rebate form and save it, because once you receive your shoes, send it in and they’ll send you your check for $20.00 making your shoes FREE!!




Once you see the rebate on the Just Fab site, you can click the picture above and it will open a new screen with just the rebate on it, you can then print the rebate from there.

This is how I got the shoes shown above. They seem to have this promo every few months, so I try to grab a pair each time. I also got a pair of knee high flat boots that I LOVE, and wear often.



Hurry and get your FREE SHOES now!

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