Rider Cosmetics Hyaluronic Moisturiser Review




Rider Cosmetics is very popular in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South Africa. The Rider products offer safe, affordable alternatives to many popular cosmetic surgeries. This line is now available in the US.


I was given the chance to review the Rider Cosmetics Hyaluronic Moisturiser

Defy the visible signs of aging by using the Hyaluronic Moisturiser to complement your beauty regime. This product has been designed to actively rehydrate skin by helping to stimulate productive cell growth and enhancing skin elasticity for a more youthful appearance.


My skin gets dry heading in to the fall and winter months. Always had no matter what products I use. I have to change my whole routine just so my skin doesn’t start peeling and flaking. Well is seems it started early this year so I used the Hyaluronic Moisturiser kept my skin care routine the same just replaced my moisturizer.


I noticed my skin didn’t get dry and itchy. I was able to keep my normal routine together and just change out my moisturizer. Even on days where I didn’t have time to put on moisturizer my skin didn’t become dry and itchy. My skin looked better not dull or dry and the cream soaked right into my skin didn’t sit on top or make my skin greasy and my skin can get greasy with the wrong product.


You can buy the Rider Cosmetics Hyaluronic Moisturiser on their website as well as connect with them on Facebook and Twitter





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