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So want to make Christmas Free? Why not? Did you know there are several websites like Swagbucks that you can earn just for searching online, watching videos, takings polls and it only takes a few minutes each day?! With these sites you earn points and trade them in for gift cards or items. They are 100% FREE TO SIGN UP for.


First Swagbucks this is the most well known one. This is the one all the others are trying to copy (and ill let them it’s more ways for me to earn gift cards!). They have MANY ways to earn points (called SwagBucks) The main way is you use the site like you would Google to search, as you do you randomly earn Swagbucks.

You can download the Swagbucks Toolbar and earn 1 Swagbuck a day just for having the tool bar! Take the Daily poll and earn 1 Swagbuck a day. Some days when I vote I get a message to earn bonus Swagbucks just to watch a video, that you can let play while you do other things! Now speaking of videos watch Swagbucks TV and earn Swagbucks (SBs) for each every 10 videos you watch! Ok there are still more ways to earn, print coupons and get SBs to redeem them, take survey’s, get cash back shopping, do tasks, trade in cell phone, DVDs and more! They also now have games! They also release random swagcodes you can redeem for SBs.

Now what can you get for your SBs? Gift Cards, my favorite is the Amazon Gift Cards. Other gift cards you can snag: CVS, Target, most popular restaurants, Lowes, Sephora, Walmart, Old Navy, Gap, Xbox Live and more! If you don’t want a gift card then you can size up for items, toys, electronics, vacuums jewelery clothes and more.

Sign up for Swagbucks.




The next one I use is ZoomBucks. This one is pretty much the EXACT same as Swagbucks just set up different. You have the same ways to earn. Their video rewards are set up different, if you have ever used Beezag (earn money for watching videos)  it’s the EXACT same system. ZoomBucks points are called well, Zoombucks or ZBs. They don’t have as many reward to choose from the ones they have are things you WANT. Gift cards (including Amazon) PayPal and more!

Sign up for  ZoomBucks.



Next is Superpoints. This one is quite a bit different you don’t search. You play the lucky button. you get random points. Plus 1 email a day to score between 1 – 50 points. You also watch Videos, complete offers, and get points for coupons.

Rewards are mostly cash and gift cards but they do have electronics too!

This site used to be an invite only and is now open for everyone so sign up for Superpoints.



Irazoo is next on my list each day.

With Irazoo you earn the same way as you do with Swagbucks, the website is just set up different. As you search you have a bar at the top of your screen once you click a link you rate the site as it fits your search. So they can improve their search engine!

My favorite 2 reward are Amazon Gift cards and Pay Pal payments!



Gift Hulk is almost identical to Swagbucks just a different set up. You do have to agree to no fake searches and they are strict about it because as you search not only can you win Coins but also you can out right win Amazon Gift cards!



Quick Rewards – No minimum required to cash out and
PayPal payments are processed daily
– Cash out at any time, as often as you’d like
– Fast, personal customer service
– Optional “Big Buddy” program matches you up with a veteran member to help you start earning fast!
How to Earn:
– Shopping (competitive cashback rates; shop today and get paid cashback via PayPal within a week)
– Completing surveys (daily surveys and additional targeted surveys)
– Reading emails
– Performing searches
– Visiting websites
– Watching videos
– Playing games
– Trying new products
– Signing up for newsletters



Instant bucks Is set up just like Gift Hulk. They also have a blogger program if you have a blog


InstaGC is the newest site I’ve joined of the ones above. They have a $1 min. pay out and you can get a $1 Amazon Gift Card for that and they pay instantly by Gift Card as their name states. Gift cards included, Amazon, Best buy, Walmart and more! They have a bunch of different offers you can earn with. It’s so easy!




These are all great sites to earn Money and Gift Cards to help with Christmas! Last year I got 90% of my shopping done free from these sites!

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