30 Ways To Earn Cash For A Free Christmas – Day 4



Welcome back to day 4 of  30 Ways to Earn Cash for a Free Christmas!


Remember the sites I use vary from getting Money for searching online, watching videos, trading in old items, using smart phone apps, surveys, paid emails, paid check ins and more! Every site I recommend is 100% FREE to join (if you need to join!) I fully believe that you should NEVER have to spend money to make money!

 InstaGC is a ‘Get Paid To’ (GPT) site. This is a new one on my list (but not a new site) just new to me! You complete tasks and offers to earn points that you trade for Gift Cards.  You can start by claiming $1 Amazon gift Cards or save up for bigger ones! They also have Walmart and Best Buy gift cards and more! You hit claim and you get an INSTANT Gift Card, hence the name of the site!

Tasks include simple stuff as just visiting a site, or liking a Facebook page. I was able to earn my first gift card the same day I signed up!

Make sure you confirm your email after sign up!


Like I said InstaGC is new to me and so far I see a potential earning possibility of $200 or more a year for Christmas if the site is used daily.

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  1. So for this one do you have to buy things to get points is that how it works?

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