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5 Easter Basket Ideas For Babies

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Baby’s first Easter is a pretty exciting event. It’s their first time meeting the Easter Bunny, of course! Unfortunately, it can be pretty hard to choose items that don’t run a risk of hurting them. Smaller toys and candy aren’t a good option so it isn’t too hard to find yourself suddenly stuck on what to fill their Easter basket with. These 15 Easter Basket ideas for babies are a great place to start. Take a look and then use them to build your own little one’s basket.

For baskets that you’re making be sure that you don’t use Easter grass in them. Little fingers put anything and everything in their mouths and the “grass” could easily get caught in their throat and cause a choking hazard. You also may want to steer clear of an actual basket and instead use a small tote or cloth bag. Even plastic baskets can split and easily cut your little one.

5 Easter Basket Ideas For Babies

5 Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

The Lullaby Basket –

Fill a basket with things that will calm baby when they’re headed to sleep. A cd with lullabies, a new stuffed animal and a super soft blanket are all great additions. Add in some calming lotion and you’ve got an awesome basket!

The Princess Basket –

Shower your little princess with a basket fit for a future queen. A cute princess movie to catch her attention, a pink blanket or outfit with a princess theme and a board or soft princess themed book, such as these Disney Princess Board Books, all make an adorable basket.

The Feeding basket –

If baby is learning to feed himself, fill his Easter basket with things like infant spoons, colorful bowls and sippy cups. Functional and your baby will love the bright colors! This is the basket I made for our son’s first Christmas!

The Fine Motor Basket

MegaBloks or old fashioned wooden blocks are a great start to a basket for your little one! Add in a toy that has snaps and pulls and even a toy phone and help your small one fine tune their fine motor skills this Easter.

The Play Basket –

Fill your Easter basket with small toys that your baby would like. Things like plastic keys, teething rings, stroller toys and more are all small enough to fit inside of the basket easily and will keep your baby entertained and happy!


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  1. Great ideas! We did sort of a transitioning Easter basket for our son for his first Easter. He was at the age of moving from bottles to sippy cups and solids, so we bought several fun cups, cute spoons and plates, etc. 🙂

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