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How to Get Cash From Old Cell Phones

So, you’re about to get a new cell phone? Terrific! In that case, you may want to get rid of your old phone to make way for the new and improved. The great thing about getting a new cell phone is that you can recoup some or all of your previous phone’s cost.  Here are… Read More »

Fitbit Rewards – 10 Ways to Make Money with Your FitBit (and Other Activity Trackers)

I love my steps counter; I like knowing how far I’ve walked or how many flights of stairs I have climbed. It helps keep me in check with my weight loss goal. But did you know you can make money with your Fit Bit or other activity trackers? Yep, it’s true. Read on to find… Read More »

Make Money and Save Money Shopping Online with Qmee

Today I want to share with you a site I have been using a for a while now. I know I’ve mentioned it in passing but this time, I want to give you the info you need! Let’s talk about Qmee. First, I use Qmee as a Google Chrome Browser Extension. Sign up for Qmee… Read More »

8 Affiliate You Need to Join to Make Money Blogging

When starting a blog, the question I get most is ‘How do I Make Money Blogging’? Well, I’m going to share with you the basics of where to get started. Plus a few secrets. So let’s get started. If you still need to set up your blog, check out How to Start a Blog. Then come… Read More »

How I Get Paid to Read Emails

I love being able to get paid for something I already do, like how I get paid to read emails. Heck who wouldn’t! There are so many misconceptions that any way to earn money online is a scam. That is not true. The best way to figure out if any site is a scam is… Read More »

Thrift Store Finds Worth Money

I love browsing thrift stores. I have found some great items for my house, some items to upcycle, some for projects, kids clothes, and even presents for friends and family. Even now on the road, I like to browse you never know what you might find! If you know what to look for you can… Read More »

10 Ways To Earn $100 Today

Perhaps you had a flat tire that needs replaced, or your paycheck was short and you just can’t make that bill today.  Whatever the reason, we have all had a day where extra cash would come in handy.  Here are some great Ways To Earn $100 Today that are sure to come in handy.  While… Read More »

Swagbucks – $100 Million Day

$100 MILLION. Yes you read that right as of today Swagbucks as paid out $100,000,000. If you are not a member yet what are you waiting for?! Get in so you can have your share of the next $100 Million! After 7 plus years, Swagbucks has reached a major milestone today – $100 million in… Read More »

How I Earn $210 (or more!) a Month in FREE Amazon Gift Cards

I want to share how I earn $210 a month in Amazon Gift Cards. I have shared the sites I use including my list of 45 Places to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards. But I want to share what my typical day looks like, and how I can earn this much EVERY month. It is… Read More »

Free Razors! New Razor Product Testing!!

 Free Razors! New Razor Product Testing!! I LOVE testing new products! Don’t you? Want to be paid to test new razors? You can but don’t wait on this one! Many people are getting razor product testings! That means people are getting free razors to test out give their opinions on and get paid to do so!  Opinion… Read More »