Oreo Cookie Cupcakes

Confession:: I am addicted to Oreos. If I don’t pay attention I can eat a whole package (then cry because of how long I have tow ork out because of it!) i like them dipped in milk. I like to open them and lick the frosting out, so much so when I was preggo with… Read More »

Teal and Grey West Elm Living Room for Less

Decorating a new home or re decorating the one I’m on is one of my favorite things to do! I love looking at home decor magazines but the looks they display are so expensive! This this teal and grey West Elm living room with everything it is over $3000!! OUCH! I’m LUCKY if I can… Read More »

Women’s Halloween Ballerina Costume – Made From Everyday Clothes

I wanted to be a Ballerina when I was young. I was a ballerina for 2 Halloweens that I can remember and then I finally took ballet classes…. I stunk! I loved it but I really wasn’t any good. I am a good dancer just not a good ballerina. But that sure won’t stop me… Read More »

DIY Kids Tutu Scarecrow Costume

I love when kids are young enough to still wear what mommy want. This scarecrow outfit is one I LOVE! It’s easy to make and best part? No one will have a duplicate costume! SCORE! DIY Kids Tutu Scarecrow Costume Materials 1 roll brown 6″ shimmer tulle 2 rolls yellow 6″ tulle 2 rolls orange… Read More »

Woman’s Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume – From Everyday Clothes

The Classics never die! Who doesn’t want to be Audrey Hepburn? It can be done with great everyday clothes too for practically nothing because you can add great clothes to your wardrobe! Plus I’m loving the necklace on this outfit I have several outfit it will work perfectly with!   Woman’s Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume… Read More »

DIY Women’s Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume – With Everyday Clothes

My daughter who is turning 3 in just over a week, LOVES Minnie Mouse! I asked her what mommy should be for Halloween and she said Minnie Mouse. So here is an easy DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume made from everyday clothes. This might be my favorite costume yet! DIY Women’s Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume… Read More »

DIY Kids Lego Costume

Kid costumes can cost a ton of money. No Joke then you are out and in one night can see 5 kids with the SAME costume as you (true story!) As your kids grow and want unique costumes the best way to do so it by making them yourself! If you have a lego lover… Read More »

Rainbow Cake in a Jar

 One thing I like to do is bake for the holidays or do candy for gifts for friends and neighbors. One year I did Rainbow Cake in a jar and it was a huge hit. I have since done it in layered Christmas colors and it’s still a hit. Here is my original recipe but… Read More »

10 Homemade Cleaners to Save Money!

  10 Homemade Cleaners to Save Money! Looking to save money. Starting with your cleaning cabinet. Now open it up, how many items in there have you used a few times hated and never used again? How much did they cost $4? $8? Even products you love still cost an arm and a leg! Learn… Read More »

DIY Decor Yarn Stars

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays to MAKE decorations for they stay up all summer and no one questions it because it’s just ‘Americana’. One items I recently fell in love with was these DIY Yarn Stars that make a great decor item! They are great on their own, attached to glasses, baskets,… Read More »

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