DIY Women’s Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume – With Everyday Clothes

DIY Woman's Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume - With Everyday Clothes

My daughter who is turning 3 in just over a week, LOVES Minnie Mouse! I asked her what mommy should be for Halloween and she said Minnie Mouse. So here is an easy DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume made from everyday clothes. This might be my favorite costume yet! DIY Women’s Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume… Read More »

DIY Kids Lego Costume

DIY Kids Lego Costume

Kid costumes can cost a ton of money. No Joke then you are out and in one night can see 5 kids with the SAME costume as you (true story!) As your kids grow and want unique costumes the best way to do so it by making them yourself! If you have a lego lover… Read More »

Rainbow Cake in a Jar

Rainbow Cake in a jar

 One thing I like to do is bake for the holidays or do candy for gifts for friends and neighbors. One year I did Rainbow Cake in a jar and it was a huge hit. I have since done it in layered Christmas colors and it’s still a hit. Here is my original recipe but… Read More »

10 Homemade Cleaners to Save Money!

10 Homemade Cleaners to Save Money!

  10 Homemade Cleaners to Save Money! Looking to save money. Starting with your cleaning cabinet. Now open it up, how many items in there have you used a few times hated and never used again? How much did they cost $4? $8? Even products you love still cost an arm and a leg! Learn… Read More »

DIY Decor Yarn Stars

DIY Decor Yarn Stars

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays to MAKE decorations for they stay up all summer and no one questions it because it’s just ‘Americana’. One items I recently fell in love with was these DIY Yarn Stars that make a great decor item! They are great on their own, attached to glasses, baskets,… Read More »

DIY Rustic Jewelry Hanger

Rustic Jewelry Hanger

I may just have a little diva or two in the family . There are a lot of pretty, sparkly, and girly necklaces and bracelets for church, dinners out, or important play dates hanging around. For awhile I had them tossed in a basket where they inevitably got tangled or we couldn’t find the one… Read More »

Make Your Own Fridge Magnets

DIY Magnets

I am always look for great crafts and fun things to do with my kids on bad weather days! So for summer when we get those rainy days where there is no chance of getting out of the house i have a few crafts stucked away to pull out. These DIY magnets where one of… Read More »

DIY Better Than Windex Glass Cleaner


One of the things I spend the most money on at the store outside of food and diapers, are cleaning products like glass cleaner. Raise your hand if you have a cabinet under your sink, a shelf in your pantry or a closet or even a spot in the garage that is full of cleaning… Read More »

What I Stopped Buying to Save Money – 7 Things We Started Making at Home

What I Stopped Buying to Save Money - 7 Things We Started Making at Home Like Homemade French Fries

Convenience seems to be the name of the game lately. Buy it and pay more to save time. But many things we buy to save time don’t take that much time at all and can save us some big money in the long run. We sat down and looked at things we ate or used… Read More »

DIY Laundry Soap

Laundry Soap

DIY Laundry Soap  With the new year and my Budget Challenge in full swing, I am looking for ways to save money, while we still have some laundry soap on the self I don’t plan on buying any more. I will be making it! This recipe has been used by every from the Duggars to… Read More »