How To Thrift Series

    Hear about all the great deals and Thrift Stores but don’t know where to start! I’m here to help! Check out How To Thrift for were to start and all my litle tips and tricks!   How To Thrift – Intro   How to Thrift – Changing Your Mind Set – Retail to… Read More »

How To Thrift – What are you waiting for?

Now you should have a wealth of knowledge on How To Thrift!  From what to look for and what to stay away from! So now if you haven’t already head out on you first thrift store shopping spree and don’t looks back. Once you start scoring those amazing deals don’t forget to teach your friends!… Read More »

How To Thrift – Things Never To Buy New

  I have a personal list of things I will NOT buy new because, I can always find used at amazing prices! So here is my list! Books I can’t remember the last time I bought a NEW book. I always get used. I get used books one of 2 ways. I can find great… Read More »

How To Thrift – How To Buy Used Furniture

  There are so many places to buy used furniture! From Craigslist, your local Re-Store, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, to a garage sale, and the newspaper classifieds to even for FREE on! So how do you make sure you get quality Furniture?? Furniture You Shouldn’t Buy Used There is some furniture that is cheaply made.… Read More »

How to Thrift – Items to Always Have On Hand

  Bar Keeper’s Friend. This non-abrasive cleaner cleans copper, silver plate and brass beautifully. So don’t pass up tarnished or dirty items. They come clean quickly Goo Gone This will get off price sticker goo and tape goo! Black, gold or ivory spray paint Converts ugly picture frames into something tasteful. Spray paint is also great… Read More »

How to Thrift – What to Keep and What Not to Keep

  I get asked a lot as to what to buy and what to leave alone at thrift stores. So here I will answer that question for you! I buy Birthday and Holiday Gift at Thrift stores. YEP! Sure do! I find better quality one of a kind items! With that being said, buy in… Read More »

How to Thrift: Shopping The Thrift Store

  Now thrifting is not for snobs. Some thrift store are quite clean and others, well, not. But you aren’t there for the atmosphere you are there for the bargains. Now I want to address one thing, LISTS. I see some people say NO to them when thrifting and other say YES! Well, form your own opinion… Read More »

How To Thrift – Get Your Routine On!!

Successful thrift store shopping involves a routine. Thrift stores are designed to move inventory quickly and they are very good at it. The trick is to go often. To establish a good routine you need to know WHERE the thrift stores near you are! Visit Goodwill, Association for Retarded Citizens, Disabled American Veterans; Salvation Army;… Read More »

How to Thrift – Changing Your Mind Set – Retail to Thrift Store!

Retail shopping, even if you have mastered shopping sales with retailer coupons and clearance, you still have to change your mindset for thrift store shopping. In my world thrifting is a must. With 2 kids 16 months apart, oh and they are a boy and a girl, we go through kids clothes pretty fast. My daughter… Read More »

How To Thrift – Intro

  Ok I have talked in the past about saving money on just about everything by buying used at thrift and consignment shops. Many of us know ‘The Duggar Motto’ “Buy used and saved the difference” With 19 kids(soon to be 20!) you have to learn to save money. And while watching the show at it’s… Read More »

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