Living on Less Series!

For way to learn to live on less check out my Living On Less Series! This will show you where to start with coupons, how to cut back on your over spending, and how to get everyday things for 50% or more off! Living On Less – Lesson 1: Your starting Point Living On Less… Read More »

Living on Less – Lesson 11: Free Samples, Surveys & Swagbucks

Free Samples When we first started our savings journey, I used to laugh at free sample offers. I mean, come on, you’d get some minuscule amount of a product to try. Big deal. Well, it is a big deal when you sign up for them consistently and they pop up in your mailbox daily. Even… Read More »

Living on Less – Lesson 10: Frugal Foods

Now something we can’t get around is the need to eat. Now many of you have teens this is even harder. My husband eats enough for 3 people! So here are some great frugal snack and food to help put a dent in that grocery bill! Snacks When Aldi has their eggs for 79¢/dz I… Read More »

Living on Less – Lesson 9: Consignment Shops

Now I recommend Consignment Shops for 2 reasons. 1- you can get some great cheap clothing, toys, furniture and more. Sounds like a thrift shop huh? But with 1 difference they ONLY take things in good condition no stains tears ect. Reason 2- you can bring stuff in to consign and get money when it… Read More »

Living on Less – Lesson 8: Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are an amazing resource for getting great, high-quality, unique and inexpensive clothes and other household items. Often, the offerings are perfectly good things that somebody else has outgrown or simply grown tired of. Importantly, they directly benefit charitable community organizations that provide vital support to people in need across all sectors of the… Read More »

Living on Less – Lesson 7: Garage Sales

I LOVE Garage Sales but who doesn’t like making money? Why do I love garage sales you may ask. Well, there are many reasons but the main one is because I can  get rid of clutter and get paid for it. It also gives you some extra spending cash.  Here are the basics I have… Read More »

Living on Less – Lesson 6: Buying Clothes

When you have kids, you know how quickly they grow out of their clothes! Knowing how to buy clothes on the cheap can help you save a ton! One of our favorite ways to save money on clothes for our kids(and ourselves) is at thrift stores. We have our favorite store that always has tons… Read More »

Living on Less – Lesson 5: Shop Seasonally

One thing I had to start working on more when we had kids was Shopping Seasonally. Then you have to learn what to buy when, here is a cheat sheet. January – Watch for all the After-Christmas sales on wrapping paper, trees, bows and ribbons as well as gift packs. Exercise equipment and gym memberships… Read More »

Living on Less – Lesson 4: Stockpiling

Stockpiling – What is it and why is it so important? Definition of Stockpiling:  A supply stored for future use, usually carefully accrued and maintained. Once you understand the concept behind stockpiling, you will know where your foundation for savings will be coming from. Before my couponing days, I would go to the grocery store… Read More »

Living on Less – Lesson 3: How to shop Grocery and Drug Stores

Shop the SalesIf you are using coupons already but not seeing a big difference in your grocery bill let me ask you this. Are you shopping the weekly sales??You need to be pairing your coupons up with your sales. When starting out decide your menu for the week based on what’s on sale. For example, if… Read More »