*$5 Dinners: Make Your Own Pizza

Cheese Pizza *2 Packages of Pizza Crust $0.79 each *Pizza Sauce $1.50 a can on sale (you can get some cheaper but we buy the pepperoni flavored and it’s about $0.50 more) Used about $0.45 worth *Mozzarella Cheese $0.99 a Bag Total: $3.02 (price will go up with added toppings) Prepare Crust as directed on… Read More »

*$10 or Under Meals: Crockpot Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

  Crockpot Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches Pack Boneless Chicken $4.99 (you can use the kind with bones just stay under $4.99 a package) 1 Bottle BBQ Sauce $1 (many times you can get these for free with sales) 1 Can Corn $0.50 (you can get these for free a lot of times too) Can BBQ… Read More »

*Frugal Recipe: Inexpensive Pancake Syrup

A great way to save money is to cut out some expensive things that we normally buy. In my family we like waffles, pancakes, and french toast and these are great inexpensive meals. they all also requite one thing, Syrup. Even the store brand will cost almost $2.00 if i can’t find it on sale.… Read More »