Superpoints Users – Superpoints is Gone + the Shady Way They Ended It

  Are you a Superpoint user? Then you need to read this! Superpoints has shut down, gone, vanished! Many of use used Superpoints to earn Amazon Gift Card! So what happened? Here is the message of Super Points:   An important message from the Superpoints team: Dear Superpoints members, At the end of January, 2011… Read More »

Are You Signed Up For SuperPoints yet? Check Out My Earnings (+ invite codes)

    Ok im boasting about SuperPoints! I just cashed in my 10th Payment equaling $85!! Just for clicking a button several times a day! Not bad huh? Super Points is FREE to join but is invite only. Below are 5 Invite codes good for 7 days from today (12/26) and are one time use.… Read More »

2nd Payment from SuperPoints!

A little while ago I introduced SuperPoints Network. Where you get points for clicking on the lucky button, watching videos, random point emails and more. Since then I got my first payment a $5 Amazon Gift Card! Well today I got just got Payment #2 I requested it about 15 days after I got payment #1. Now in that… Read More »