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Homemade Foaming Soap Trick That Saves You Money!

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Homemade Foaming Soap Trick

Homemade Foaming Soap Trick That Saves You Money!

Hand soap is something we all need and  use on a regular basis (I hope!) Well I have to say I am a fan of foaming soap it seems less ‘goopy’ (is that even a word?!) then regular hand soap. Plus my kids like it and are amazed by it so  it’s a bit of an incentive to wash their hands. But foaming soap can cost more than regular soap. I’m not sure why when you can make your own and save a TON of money doing it!

How you might ask? Well the average bottle of foaming hand soap (without coupons) is about $3. You can get a bottle of regular hand soap for $1.47 on Amazon (no coupons). Using my trick below you can get on the LOW end 5 bottles of foaming hand soap (I tend to get 6-8). So for 5 bottles of foaming hand soap you are now paying 29¢ a bottle saving $2.71 a bottle. I figure with 6 of us in the house + guests in and out and having hand soap at 5 different location in the house (3 bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry room sink) We go thru about 6 bottles a month (remember young kids that play as they wash their hands) At $3 a bottle we would be paying $216 a year. With this trick we now only spend about $21 a savings of $195 a year!


What You Need

  • Liquid Hand Soap  Don’t use the thick & creamy soaps.  The clear-based soaps foam best!
  • 1 Empty Foaming Hand Soap Bottle (ask friends and family for their empties!)
  • Water

Homemade Foaming Soap Trick what you need

What You Will Do:

  • Fill the Empty Foaming Soap Bottle with approx. 1 inch of your liquid hand soap

Homemade Foaming Soap Trick step one

  • Slowly fill the rest of the bottle with tap water.
  • Put lid back on, and gently tip upside down & side to side to mix.
  • Don’t shake (it will get too sudsy)

Homemade Foaming Soap Trick 2

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  1. Interesting! I’ll give this a try! Definitely would save me a ton of money from buying soap at Bath & Body Works!

  2. i use dishwashing soap to refill mine so I can get the pretty colors. Also when the bottle starts to get grungy I use an old toothbrush to clean it. This tip is such an easy way to save cash!!

  3. I recently discovered that even if I use my homemade laundry detergent (a couple of cups of boiling water with a bar of finely grated soap dissolved into it added to a few gallons of cold tap water which lasts my family 2 months or 6 bars of soap (I prefer glycerine because it doesn’t clump, I use dial which is about .50 cents a piece because that is what Walmart sells so $3.00/ yr on laundry detergent and hand soap) and add 2/3 the pump of water to the soap the hand soap will still foam.

  4. Did I miss something or how did you get the soap to foam? Is there a specific pump that foams it? How are you really saving per bottle?

    What do mean about the bottle getting all messy? Does the bottle leak or does the soap nozzle leak?

    • You need to have an empty bottle and soap pump from one fo the foaming bottles. The soap pump causes the soap to foam when the soap is mixed with water. and I meant the bottle gets messy since I have 4 kids with regular soap. The foamy soap seems to keep the bottle and my counter cleaners.

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