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How to Make a Coupon Binder

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So you have decided to make a Coupon Binder to help you save money? GREAT! It take a bit of effort to start but is IMO the best way to help you save money! Here is how to create a coupon binder.



So you have heard that the best way to sort coupons is the coupon binder sorting method? Great!


What is the Coupon binder sorting method? This is a way of sorting like clipped coupons by category in a binder.


Now I will say while the “binder method” does take a bit more time, it is the most organized and easiest to save money with! Below I will show you how to make your binder with examples of each item you need and pictures. While not necessary I do recommend paper dividers in each slot so you can use the front and back of each page. You will see them in my binder, all different colors. The colors have no meaning they are just what I had on hand at the time. Don’t have time to do it all yourself? Scroll to the Bottom to check out the Mom Saves Binder Kits.



Binder Item #1 The Binder


The binder is where you need to start! I recommend a zipped binder. My binder above is a 5 inch and not zipped but it’s what I had big enough at the time. I can’t ell you how many time i have dropped my coupon binder and coupons have fallen out! Or picked it up upside down and coupons have fallen out! For sure get a zipped binder. I recommend the Case It brand binders. They are highly recommended with couponers because they are nicely made. While I do not have one of these binders an upgrade is in the near future! Also if you can find a binder with a pouch it’s a nice extra! See these binder on Amazon.



Binder Item # 2 Page Dividers


Above are my page dividers. Mine are plastic and have a pocket. I recommend these because if you pull a coupon in store and don’t use it you can just slip it into the pock et file later. These are also great to hold coupons that need filing after clipping. View these dividers on Amazon.


You binder categories will be a trail and error to find what find for you. What work for me won’t work for you. Such as my baby category won’t work for parents of teenagers, and dog category won’t work for people who have cats! Here is my list of 36 possible categories!


Same with your category orders. I recommend sorting them via the order they are in your most shopped store. I also have al my food in the front and non food in the back. I also have a category in the back to sort my ECBs, UPs, Cats, and RRs.


Binder Item #3 Coupon Holders


There are MANY different sizes to use here I will show you my top 5 to look in to. Besides the basic sheet protectors to hold your store policies. What ever size you use I suggest puting in divider paper to separate coupon so you can use both ise and make the most of your binder!


Binder Item #3A Baseball Card Holders


This is the most commonly used size. This works great for some coupons but I find it hard to fit many coupons. But these are easiest to find! See them on Amazon.


Binder Item #3B 8 Pocket Pages


These are by far my favorite! You get one less slot then the Baseball card holder but these 8 pocket pages  hold coupons better with out having to fold and IMO are just easier to use. See them on Amazon


Binder Item #3C 6 Sleeve Coupon Sleeve



These are perfect for the tall coupons that seem to be trending. They also hold printable coupons perfectly! See them on Amazon.


Binder Item #3D 4 Insert Page


These 4 insert pages are great for bigger coupons that are the size of 2 or 3 coupons! This also fit some of the coupons you get in the mail! See These on Amazon.


Binder Item #3E 3 Slot Pages


These are great for the really long-take-up-a-whole-page coupons or any other hard to fit coupon.  See them on Amazon.


Other items you may want to add:




Lined Paper



Ok Now how do you make your coupons binder? Here it is and it’s easier than you might think!



Step 1: Get your items together (see above)



Step 2: Create your categories. See my list of 36 categories! Make these what fit for YOU family! No 2 families will be the same. Remember to put them in an order that works for you. But remember you can change this around as needed!



Step 3: Place your first divider in and behind it place several (or a lot) of the insert pages. I recommend Starting a with a few of the baseball card size or 8 section size which ever you choose, and 1 of each of the other sizes per category. You can rearrange them as you to see what fits. Then repeat for each category you have.



Step 4: Clip sort and file your coupons. No there is no secret to get this done super fast. The best tip i can tell you is if you have more than one of the same insert rip the pages and take like ones together and clip all of the same page together, and keep the coupons together to file.



Step 5: ENJOY! Your done! Well untill next week when you need to pull expired coupons and clip and file the next batch!



Here is my Binder:







Now as I promised Coupon Binder Kits By Mom Saves!


Mom's Build-It-Yourself Coupon Organizer



Mom Saves offer’s Whole Binder kits, from the binder and tote bag to packs of inserts and best fo all every order comes with current, full coupons inserts to get your jump started in stocking your binder! Kits are at great prices and she is always having sales.


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