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Welcome to The Frugal Navy Wife. We welcome PR! We would love to find a way to work with you! From reviews, giveaways, sponsored posts, social media shout outs, interviews and more! Read on to find out more about TFNW.


About  The Frugal Navy Wife:

The Frugal Navy Wife was started in June of 2010 as a way to show friends and family how to save money. It took off fast and they shared it with their family and friends and so on. We never would have dreamed we would be as big as we are today. Our goals are to bring readers ways to save money from all aspects of life so just about anyone can get a great deal. From saving at your local grocery stores, coupon and sales to saving on a vacation or a special splurge like that coach bag you’ve been eying up. Ways to save on home decor, recipes and utilities to way to budget and more! While The Frugal Navy Wife was started by a Navy Wife we are NOT an exclusive military only website, we post deals for everyone, military, civilian families, single parents, newly weds, the single person to grandparents and even your pets!


As you can see, TFNW has the reach that you need to get the word out about your product or service and we love working with new or tried and true companies! We also have a network of other couponing and frugal living websites that we work with to cross promote;  effectively reaching over 100,000 people at once at no extra cost to you! How awesome is that!

To contact me about advertising and further stats (page views ect) email me at Contact@TheFrugalNavyWife.com


WHO is The Frugal Navy Wife?


No matter what the target age group or gender for your product or service, we can cover it! The Frugal Navy Wife’s immediate household is currently Living in PA and includes Danielle, in her late twenties, Owner of The Frugal Navy Wife, Mark her late twenties Hubby and their son age 5, and 3 daughters ages 4, 2 and Newborn!!  It doesn’t stop there though! We also have a team of people just standing by waiting to help you out that includes:

  • a 53 year old man
  • a 50 year old woman
  • a 31 year old woman
  • a 30 year old man
  • a 9 year old girl
  • a 21 year old man (in college!)
  • cats and dogs too!


 More about The Frugal Navy Wife:


We have been Mentioned on:

Mentioned on CNN Money! -For one of our Product Reviews!

Mentioned on Yahoo Finance! – For one of  our Product Review!

Good Housekeeping

All You Magazine


See where else The Frugal Navy Wife has been featured


Services Available

We offer a range of advertising from simple banners and text links to, social media  and posts, sponsored, review and giveaways! Here is what we currently offer but we are always interested to hear any way you are looking to work with The Frugal Navy Wife.

Product Reviews: Your product will be featured in a blog post and could include digital photographs and video. I will also include company details, anchored keyword links, mommy suggestions and purchasing information. You will also need to provide any links to the brands social networks. Product needs to be FULL SIZE and Products sent to review will not be returned. Review have a 2 week turn around time from the time product is reviewed unless other wise stated. Please also be aware that reviews posted are 100% honest and our true opinion on the products we’re testing, good OR bad.
Site Reviews: I will review your website, pointing out your tops features and explaining how your site works. I can use Keywords and include any links to any topics on on site you wish. These reviews do cost a nominal fee because of the time that is required in posting and reviewing.


Reviews with Corresponding Giveaway
Giveaways are an effective way to generate traffic to your website and/or product. A requirement for entering giveaways is to visit the sponsor’s website and comment on a product forcing entrants to actually visit your site. We do require that you handle prize fulfillment by shipping the product to the winner within 14 days. I also require that if you are giving away a gift card/certificate that it will at least cover the cost of one product and shipping of the product. Giveaways that accompany a product review are no charge. Giveaway only posts due require a fee due to the time to promote each giveaway.



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Sponsored Posts: 

Want to get the word out about your website, business or product? We can do that! Each post is shared with our network of bloggers so that you receive the maximum exposure possible! Again, costs will depend on the length of the post and other factors.


Social Media Shout outs: 

Not looking for a long campaign or post? Then a social media shout out is perfect for you! We will post on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and G+) about your business! We’ll even tag you if you’d like! (Tag is not necessary and only at client’s request) Distribution across our network of bloggers is an extra cost for this option only. We have also started doing Pinterest posts as well!


Solo Email Drops:

This is another fantastic option for those not looking for a long, drawn out campaign but want something a bit more substantial than a social media shout out. Advertise your business with a solo email drop to our entire mailing list. Please note that this option DOES require a suppression list to be provided before the drop can take place.




We Target Families and Single individuals looking to save money for whatever reason. Our main audience is in the United States and Canada but we have readers from all over the world. We welcome all backgrounds but our main demographic over the past year has been:

Based on Internet averages, thefrugalnavywife.com is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 25-34, have children, received some college education and browse this site from home.





Conference Sponsorship

The Frugal Navy Wife is looking to attend these conferences in 2015:

Blissdom Conference
Blog Her 2015
Savvy Blogging Summit



Sponsorship Details:

TOTAL sponsorship – This will Cover Conference ticket, Travel Costs and Hotel.
PARTIAL sponsorship cost – This will cover Conference Ticket and Hotel.
SUPPORTIVE sponsorship: $300

Each cost will vary depending on the cost of the conference and local. I will update as this info become available.


Danielle, The Frugal Navy Wife

Hey everyone, I'm Danielle, I am the owner of The Frugal Navy Wife and Roadschooling with The Frugal Navy Wife and Author of "How to Have Your Dream Wedding for Under $1,500".

I am a Wife, mom to 4 kids, homeschool mom, blogger, social media junkie, Frugalista, Book Worm, and Closet Want-to-be Chef. We are a Roadschool family (homeschooling on the road while traveling fulltime).

I grew up learning ways to save from my mom and grandma. I started my own coupon journey when my first child was born in 2009 and started the blog on 2010 when baby #2 was born to share my tips with everyone who kept asking about how I was getting diapers for $1 a pack!

Click here to learn more about starting a blog.

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