Amazingly Easy Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

I’m sure I all would have to write in this post is that I have 4 kids and this is their favorite food. Any parent would understand. See my kids will eat almost anything we make for dinner but once a week I try to make something I know they like. So what makes that… Read More »

Reward Yourself with Diet Dr Pepper® and Enter to Win the Sweet Spring FUNd

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Diet Dr Pepper®. The opinions and text are all mine. Summer time is coming and that means summer vacation, summer vacation means you need to have things planned to entertain your kids before the ‘Mom, I’m bored’s’ start. So at the at lunch reward… Read More »

How to Have Successful Yard Sales

Having a yard sale is the perfect way to earn some extra money and de-clutter your home. In order to have a successful yard sale there a few things you should do to ensure people will show up and purchase your items. This list will help you make your next yard sale a huge success.… Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Save on Baby Gear

A baby is on the way, and you can’t stop stressing about the upcoming shift in financial priorities. Gone are the days of buying designers purses just because you can. Now you long for the designer diaper bag. Don’t fret! Babies are undoubtedly expensive, but if you follow a few tips on how to save… Read More »

How to Save on Wedding Invites

A wedding is a special moment in every woman’s life. It is a moment that we have looked forward to our entire lives and a day we only plan to do once. A wedding is also very expensive and if not planned properly can easily cost the average American 20 to 50 thousand dollars! I… Read More »

5 Painless Ways to Start Saving for Vacation

Everyone seems to always seems to be working towards their next vacation. Saving to get to that vacation can seem like an uphill road. Here are 5 easy ways to saving for vacation without even thinking about it. 5 Painless Ways to Start Saving for Vacation Put Change in a Jar – This one is simple,… Read More »

How to Combat Roof Damage

How to Combat Roof Damage Between El Nino cycles and other recent climate changes, weather from coast to coast has been more extreme and unpredictable than usual. From scorching summers to severe storm systems to late spring snowfalls, our yards and homes have taken a beating from the elements across the entire country. The primary… Read More »

Homemade Chocolate Cherry Brownies

I have a slight chocolate addiction and in my house, it’s no secret. It’s why I have trouble really losing weight. I love homemade chocolate brownies, but now and then I want to change things up. These chocolate cherry brownies are just one of the several combinations I have tried and loved! Homemade Chocolate Cherry… Read More »

How to Save on Home Repair

How to Save on Home Repair “When it rains, it pours” is a saying that is often associated with unexpected and costly home repairs. Repairs related to plumbing, heating, or cooling are among the most expensive home improvement expenditures, but fixing these issues are necessary for your family’s health and quality of life. Clearing a… Read More »

The Rumor Mill: Yes, We are Still Living Frugal (and I’ll prove it to you!)

So if you have been following my Instagram, I’m sure you know we have moved into an RV and have been traveling since August 2015. That seems to have raised some red flags with my readers who no longer see me as frugal. So I want to correct the rumors.   The Rumor Mill: Yes. We… Read More »