Rainbow Waffles

Prep Time 7 hours 26 minutes
Cook Time 7 hours 26 minutes


  • Any pancake or waffle mix - Eggs, oil, water will need to be added
  • Food coloring - red, blue, yellow, green

You will also need-

  • Waffle maker
  • Ziplock bags or Wilton frosting bags
  • Twisty ties 5
  • Mixing bowl
  • 5 plastic/paper cups makes for an easier clean up
  • Tall drinking glass


  1. Follow directions on your pancake mix for waffles (will usually require eggs, oil, and water)
  2. Seperate your batter into your 5 plastic cups
  3. Now color your batter with food coloring. Use 10 drops of each color in each cup except for purple which requires 8 drops blue, 12 drops red
  4. Line a drinking glass with either a frosting bag or ziplock bag and pour each color into separate bags, tie off with twisty tie
  5. With your waffle maker off, cut the ends off the tip of your bags, smaller the better
  6. Start with purple in the middle of waffle maker, second blue, green, yellow, then finish with red in outer circle
  7. Make sure the waffle maker is covered but not overflowing
  8. Close your waffle maker and wait for your timer to go off
  9. Top with some butter and syrup and enjoy!