Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade

One of my favorite drinks on these long hot summer days is a nice cold glass of lemonade. I recently was introduced to strawberry lemonade and after that I have been trying all different flavors. One of my more recent favorites is this Watermelon Lemonade. OF course I love almost anything flavored watermelon (except medicine… Read More »

Thrifty Thursday | Buy Cheese Blocks

Thrifty Thursday | Buy Cheese Blocks A bag of shredded cheese is the same and a block of cheese. So why is it so much more expensive? Because you are paying for the convenience of it being shredded! Spend less than $10 and get a food grater to shred it yourself! Each Thursday I’ll post… Read More »

Homeschooling Farm Unit Study

Farm Unit Study

My kids have a love for farms right now. The animals, how things grow, what the farmer does and more. So I decided to run with that love and make a unit study around it for our homeschool! I base all our unit studies around books, I then match in printables and other items I find… Read More »

Perfect Wines to Take on a Picnic

Perfect Wines to Take on a Picnic

Summer is here and having a picnic in the park or after a good hike is an excellent way to welcome the change in weather. Tucking a great bottle of wine to enjoy in your bag to share with that someone special is a great way to set the tone for a relaxing afternoon. Whether you… Read More »

Menu Planning Monday Week of July 27, 2015

  Menu Planning Monday Week of July 27, 2015 Not sure where to start with Menu Planning? Check out our Menu Planning 101, menu planning tips and my How I Menu Plan Video. Monday – Breakfast for Dinner Tuesday – Chicken and Yellow Rice  Wednesday -Fettuccine Alfredo and Garlic Bread Thursday – Grilled Shrimp Skewers Friday –… Read More »

Taco Casserole Recipe

Taco Casserole

My family loves tacos. Even my kids. They have their preferences some like more cheese than meat, some like sour cream others don’t. So I’m always looking for fresh takes on tacos so it’s not the same meal all the time. This Taco Casserole is AMAZING! Ingredients: 1 pound ground beef ¼ cup chopped onion… Read More »

Thrifty Thursday | Skip the Chocolate Milk

 Thrifty Thursday | Skip the Chocolate Milk I understand sometimes the only way to get kids to drink milk is by making it chocolate milk. When my kids need to take medicine I add it to chocolate milk to make sure they take it. But I skip buying chocolate milk and make it myself with… Read More »

How to Get the Best Deal when Shopping Online

How to Get the Best Deal when Shopping Online

Shopping online has become very popular especially around the holiday season. This is mostly of connivance, whether it be not having to fight the crowds in store, ease of finding the items you are looking for, having it delivered right to your door, not having the store near you, or whatever your reason might be,… Read More »

Top 5 Things Lifeguards Think You Need to Know This Summer!

Top 5 Things Lifeguards Think You Need to Know This Summer!

Summer time means heat, and that generally means tanning and cooling off at the beach. Any beach is a great spot to kick back during the summer weather for sports, swimming or even cookouts. But lifeguards are trying to protect you in more ways than one, here are the top 5 tips they think you need to… Read More »

Boarding School Experiences

Boarding School Experiences The majority of people in the United States don’t have much experience with boarding school outside of Harry Potter. Though it’s sure to be a letdown to some, the actual institution has a lot less wizarding and a lot more of the same things that makes the high school years tough for… Read More »