How to Save Money on Pet Food

When it comes to having pets, there is no denying that they eat a lot. And if you’re like most pet parents, your pets eat a lot of food. We have a 50-pound lab/retriever mix, and he eats more than I thought possible! It’s important to save money on pet food when you can and… Read More »

Saving Money in the Kitchen with Hefty Ultra Strong

    I don’t know about you but when looking for ways to save money I tend to find the biggest savings in the kitchen. I’m not alone right? Saving Money in the Kitchen with Hefty Ultra Strong Skip the flimsy trash bags – Ok y’all I can’t tell you how many time we bought… Read More »

Money Saving Tips – Top 10 Ways to Save $100 a Year

When you live paycheck to paycheck, saving an additional $100 a year may seem like a high feet to accomplish. However, saving just $100 extra a year puts you into the habit of saving and puts you out on top the following year. Here are the top 10 ways to save $100 a year. Money… Read More »

Copy Cat Sonic Peach Tea

As a southern girl, I have a confession. I didn’t alway like sweet tea. As a kid, I couldn’t stand tea of any kind. I don’t remember quite when I started liking it again; I think it’s when I was being polite and took someone’s sweet tea and loved it. As a kid, I think I… Read More »

Make Money and Save Money Shopping Online with Qmee

Today I want to share with you a site I have been using a for a while now. I know I’ve mentioned it in passing but this time, I want to give you the info you need! Let’s talk about Qmee. First, I use Qmee as a Google Chrome Browser Extension. Sign up for Qmee… Read More »

“The Eleventh” and #NationalStreamingDay

Did you know that May 20th is National #StreamingDay? There is no better time to watch The Eleventh on the Feeln Roku channel. What is Feeln? Feeln is the exclusive streaming provider of Hallmark Hall of Fame movies.   So like I said May 20th is National Streaming day.  #NationalStreamingDay is a day when the streaming… Read More »

Mix & Match Girls’ Gymboree Clothes in Summer Styles

 Summer is here and that not only means it’s time for mom to break out the summer clothes but it’s time to grab some summer outfits for the kids too. I love shopping for my girls when it comes to clothes. Now if you have been around the site for any length of time you know… Read More »

Find the Perfect Father’s Day Gift with Barnes and Noble

Let’s face it dads can be hard to buy for. I know mine is! (Sorry daddy, but it’s true!) This year I am so grateful for Barnes and Noble’s Father’s Day Gift Guide! Let’s start with the sports fan dad’s. My husband falls into this category, so I was drawn to it. They have lots of… Read More »

Tips for Saving Money on Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Throwing a birthday party can get expensive, and the more kids you have, the more expensive it can get. When throwing a birthday party, you have to worry about the expenses for decorations, food, and sometimes even renting a location. Thankfully, there are ways to throw a birthday party without breaking the bank. Here are… Read More »

12 Places In Your Home You’re Forgetting to Save Money

I bet you are doing everything you think you should be to save money. Well, take a look around your house right now. I bet there are 5 ways you are losing money that you haven’t thought of yet. Read on and see if you are missing any of them. Your Closets: Start Selling Things… Read More »