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Easy Summer Desserts – Grilled Desserts

Looking for a little something sweet for after dinner? Keep that grilled fired up because I have 20 grilled desserts that are perfect for your summer dinners, BBQs, and get-togethers! Grilled desserts should definitely be on your summer bucket list. You already know how delicious grilling up burgers, chicken, or some fresh veggies is –… Read More »

Coffee Break! Bustelo Cool Coffee Drink Ibotta at Walmart

I am a coffee addict. There I said it. But come on, I have 4 kids, 2 full-time businesses, homeschooling 3 of the kids, and I travel full time. SOMETHING has to keep me going right? So I live on caffeine. But getting coffee on-the-go can be expensive. Stopping at one of the many coffee… Read More »

Back to School Snacks That Make Great School Lunch Ideas for Kids

That time of year is here. Back to school. This means you need to start coming up with your school lunch ideas! Trust me I know how hard it is to find great school lunch ideas for kids! Growing up I always remember having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day for my school lunch. Yes… Read More »

The Hidden Gem of Your Florida Vacation Santa Rosa County

When you think of a Florida vacation I bet you are thinking about theme parks, thrill rides, and a lot of go-go-go. To me, that really isn’t a vacation. Now I grew up in Florida I get the thrill of the theme parks but don’t make that your WHOLE vacation. Take some time to relax… Read More »

10 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of School – Homeschool Style

A school doesn’t have to be all work and no play. That is the fun of homeschooling. You can make it as fun and interesting as you want. With that being said, here are 10 ways to celebrate the first day of school in homeschool style! 10 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of School… Read More »

Oreo Dessert – No Bake Oreo Meltaways Recipe

Ok one thing you need to know about me. I LOVE Oreos and just about any oreo dessert. I also twist them and eat the cream out first. I love them broken up in my ice cream. I will eat almost anything if it has Oreos in it. So it should be no surprise that… Read More »

West Elm Modern Living Room for Less

Ever flip through a home decor magazine and wish you could have your living room look like the one in the picture? I’ve done that all the time. My husband loves modern furniture and he recently pointed out this modern living room from West Elm to me.    This designer room will cost you over… Read More »

Makeup Basics – 10 Must Have Makeup Essentials

When you first learn to apply makeup, you make tons of mistakes, experiment and have fun.  As you grow up and learn what works for you and your skin, you begin to make investments in quality beauty products, but often beauty tools are left off the list.  Here are the Top 10 Must Have Makeup… Read More »

Preparing for Baby – Financially

Having kids is expensive! Let’s face it; there really isn’t a full proof way of preparing financially for all the things kids are going to throw your way, but you can start preparing for the income difference before you have children. Here are a few ways of preparing for baby, financially. Get your Debt Paid… Read More »

Preparing Financially for Military Deployment

Deployment is a very scary word. It means, for an unknown period of time, you or your spouse will be separated from the family. Once you get past the shock of deployment, it’s important to prepare financially for a military deployment. Preparing Financially for Military Deployment Get on the same page Running the family finances is… Read More »