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West Elm Modern Living Room for Less

Ever flip through a home decor magazine and wish you could have your living room look like the one in the picture? I’ve done that all the time. My husband loves modern furniture and he recently pointed out this modern living room from West Elm to me.    This designer room will cost you over… Read More »

Makeup Basics – 10 Must Have Makeup Essentials

When you first learn to apply makeup, you make tons of mistakes, experiment and have fun.  As you grow up and learn what works for you and your skin, you begin to make investments in quality beauty products, but often beauty tools are left off the list.  Here are the Top 10 Must Have Makeup… Read More »

Preparing for Baby – Financially

Having kids is expensive! Let’s face it; there really isn’t a full proof way of preparing financially for all the things kids are going to throw your way, but you can start preparing for the income difference before you have children. Here are a few ways of preparing for baby, financially. Get your Debt Paid… Read More »

Top 10 Budget Wedding Ideas for Summer

When you marry a person, it isn’t all about the wedding. The wedding is just one day of your entire lives together. Instead of spending thousands on one day, you can spend that on the rest of your lives. Here are the top 10 budget wedding ideas for summer that will save you more so… Read More »

9 Ways to Save Money Furnishing a College Dorm Room Essentials

Are you ready for your high school grad to move into their new dorm room? Most likely you are saying no because you aren’t ready for your child to leave. If this is your first one to leave the nest it can be very overwhelming trying to figure out what college dorm room essentials you… Read More »

Get Refunded for Cell Phone Data You Don’t Use

Have you heard? Verizon is now joining the rollover data plan market. The downside is your phone bill will go up $10 a line. For us, that’s a $20 increase. For others, that can mean an increase of up to $50 or more!! OUCH! If you are looking for a competitive phone plan that has… Read More »

Mix & Match Nordstrom Womens Summer Styles

So I am currently down in Florida visiting family, and it is HO-OT. Don’t duh me! I know Florida + Summer = Heat, I grew up here but this just an entirely different beast then up north. I am watching the temperature where my husband is, and it’s 68 degrees when here in Florida it… Read More »

Car Advertising – Earn Money from Your Car + More Ways!

How much money do you spend on your car payment? I was reading that the average car payment in America is $479. OUCH! But did you know there are several way to make your car pay for itself? Can you imagine your car earning you enough money (or more!) to pay it’s own car payment?… Read More »

Free Summer Date Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to spruce up your romantic life with the one that you love so dearly. But, what do you do if you don’t have money to dish out for those romantic dates? With 4 kids most of the time it’s all we can do to just pay a babysitter so we… Read More »

Mix & Match Target Womens Clothes for Summer

I don’t know about you but I have a slight addiction to shopping Target womens clothes. They are comfortable and it seem like almost everything fits me pretty good. They have cute styles and my husband loves how they look on me. That’s a plus right? I swear this isn’t an add for Target I just… Read More »