Digit the Easy Way to Save Without Thinking About It!

Digit the Easy Way to Save Without Thinking About It!

Well all know WHY we need to save, and how we should save. Each month we intent to save X amount. Then something comes up, you you aren’t thinking about saving and your goal slips away. Hubby and I have been there! Last week I talked about how my budget flew out of control and… Read More »

Play Clothes for Your Kids Without Killing Your Budget!


Let’s face it, kids are messy. They love jumping in puddles and mud and rolling down hills. All of that equals stained clothes. So you have 2 choices, one is to not let your kids do anything fun… ever  OR my choice, stop buying the expensive baby clothes and get them some play clothes that… Read More »

10 Budget Friendly Activities for the Family this Spring


Can you believe that spring is right around the corner? I know it’s hard to believe when you have a foot of snow on the ground! I don’t know about you, but our family loves spring and we enjoy being outdoors. I try to round up a list of ideas for the family do to… Read More »

How to Save Money – How 10 Minutes a Week With My Husband is Saving Me $100 a Month!

How to Save Money - How 10 Minutes a Week With My Husband is Saving Me $100 a Month!

So about 2 years ago we let our budget get the better of us. We would sit down at the end of each month tally up our budget for that month and budget for the next month. That is the ONLY time we would do our budget. Then one month our grocery bill was $200… Read More »

Thrifty Thursday | Pull Out Cash


Going grocery shopping, to the mall, farmers market, garage saling ect? Pull out cash. It hurts a heck of a lot more to break a $100 bill then it does to swipe a card and because of that you will think twice before spending it and you will spend less. How much less, research shows… Read More »

How to Throw a Baby Shower for Less than $45

Throw a Baby Shower for Less than $45

If you’ve got a friend or a family member expecting a baby, you will naturally want to throw a nice baby shower for them. But since it can quickly get expensive if you go out buying all of those cute decorations and desserts, you will probably want to make a careful study of how you… Read More »

How to Plan for a Frugal Spring Break

How to Plan for a Frugal Spring Break

Looking to take in some warm weather and enjoy Spring Break with the family this year? Thinking about a spring break vacation can make your budget cry but it IS possible to have a frugal spring break! You can soak in some warm weather, enjoy family time , and a break from work on budget!… Read More »

Thrifty Thursday | Hang Your Clothes


Hanging your clothes instead of using the washer can save you a good chunk of money. In the summer this is easy to do but what about the winter? We have a clothes drying rack. I am able to hang up at least half a load of clothes a day with it during the winter.… Read More »

DIY Homemade Febreze

DIY Homemade Febreze Recipe Ingredients

I love Febreze. Because let’s face it trying to wash a couch is a hassle. But it can drain your budget fast especially when you use it like I do to get away with not having to wash the comforters on the beds as often or shampoo carpets, or wash the curtains but still want… Read More »

Thrifty Thursday | Eat Before You Go Shopping


This age old trick of eating before you go shopping has been passed down for a while! Even that extra $3 pack of cookies or snacks each week is an extra $156 a year! The hungrier you are the more things will end up in your cart that aren’t on your list, to an average… Read More »