Mix & Match Kohls Womens Clothing Summer Styles

Summer is here. It’s hot. It’s patriotic season. That means we are rolling out the shorts and tank tops. If we are lucky we are adding some new clothes to our selection. Maybe you are like me and have lost some weight since last summer. I’ve actually gone down a few sizes and have noticed… Read More »

How to Save Money Buying Furniture

Furniture is one of those things that you need in your house. You cannot necessarily go without for an extended period of time. Maybe you have old furniture or just want to buy new furniture for your house. Guess what? It’s possible, but you do need to save for it. I’m assuming you want to… Read More »

How to Score the Best Airfare Deals

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to travel. I love flying because it gets me there so much faster. The downside to flying is that it can be super expensive. However, I have found a few ways around paying high prices on airplane tickets and air travel. See my tips below. How to… Read More »

Preparing Financially for a Career Change

Changing jobs is perhaps one of the scariest things you can go through. For us, going through a financial change is scary because we have 4 kids. Our main job is to provide for them. A career change  is a lot for a family because it determines the budget. Sometimes the budget determines everything about… Read More »

How to Save Money – How to Save 50% of Your Income

Learning how to save money isn’t always easy, but it’s an essential life skill! However, it can be difficult to save your income like you should if you don’t know how to do it correctly. Saving 50% of your income may seem difficult, but millions of people do it every day and here’s how. How to… Read More »

How to Save Money by Buying These 10 Things at the Dollar Store

I also get ask for more ‘how to save money posts’ here is another one! When it comes to saving money, I feel like I am the master at finding a great deal, but sometimes, you just can’t beat those dollar store prices. If you want to save money when you shop, buy these 10… Read More »

How to Score the Best Online Deals

Everyone loves to save money, but not everyone knows how. Shopping in stores can be a nice outing, but may not always save you money once you factor in gas money and other expenses. Online shopping has become a huge thing, and there are some great deals to find if you know where to look.… Read More »

How I Save Money and Treat My Kids with Stylish Clothing

Are you buying your kids cheap clothes and then listening to them complain about the style of the clothes? Are those same clothes falling apart after just a few months? Buying cheap kids clothing doesn’t always mean you are getting quality clothes. But what if you could get deals on quality kids clothing and your kids… Read More »

Mix & Match Target Patriotic Clothing

Well, Memorial Day has come and gone and next up is July 4th, Labor Day, and Veteran’s Day. All of which use patriotic colors. I love dressing my kids up for these events and really all summer long. I have this adorable romper I bought for my oldest daughter that my youngest is now wearing… Read More »

Fitbit Rewards – 10 Ways to Make Money with Your FitBit (and Other Activity Trackers)

I love my steps counter; I like knowing how far I’ve walked or how many flights of stairs I have climbed. It helps keep me in check with my weight loss goal. But did you know you can make money with your Fit Bit or other activity trackers? Yep, it’s true. Read on to find… Read More »