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How to Score $1500+ In High Value and Rare Coupons

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Ok yall I get asked a lot some fo the best places to find coupons or how to school coupons on my favorite products (sorry I admit it I’m a pop tart junkie and I ALWAYS have a coupon for them!) So I’m sharing my secret with my favorite places to find the rare and high-value coupons that I am always getting asked about.

How to Score $1500+ In High Value and Rare Coupons

How to Score $1500+ In High Value and Rare Coupons

These are the best places to find rare coupons. They offer them to people directly and don’t advertise them much so remember to check them on your own!

Atkins BOGO Coupon – Sign up and get a free welcome packet including a BOGO coupon and more coupons mailed throughout the year!

Everyday Family Baby Coupons – Sign up and get coupons for formula, diapers, and more in the mail!

Barber Foods – They often have $1 coupons and always have coupons for new products.

PG Coupons – Sign up and grab over $100 a year in PG coupons that are better then was you find in the newspaper!

Pampers Gift to Grow – Not only get their rewards and about $50 -$75 a year in pampers coupons!

Huggies – On top of more great rewards like Pampers they also have coupons, I figure I save about $10 a month with them so $120 or more a year.

Grocery Coupon Network – This site had a bunch of the above coupons combined on one site, so you can get even more coupons.

Enfamil Coupons – Get baby freebies coupons and formula checks up to $250 you baby’s first year!!

Viva and Kimberly-Clark – Get Viva and Kimberly-Clark product coupons.

Freebie Newsletters – The ones I’m talking about are First Class Freebies, A Freebies Empire,  GoFreebies and Freebie King they will send out newsletters daily where they will feature high-value coupons as they come out and are a great resource for those hard to find coupons.

Follow On Facebook – Follow your favorite brands on Facebook, many will release special follower only coupons. Make sure to follow The Frugal Navy Wife on Facebook too!


Of course don’t forget the tried and true printables from Coupons.com, Smart SourceHopster, and Red PlumYou can also eCoupons from SavingStar.

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