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30 Savings Hacks to Save on Amazon

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I love that there are so many ways to save on Amazon. From the very simple to ones you probably don’t know about. It seems I am always learning of a new one. Here I have compiled my top 30 ways I LOVE to save money on Amazon!

30 Savings Hacks to Save on Amazon 2

30 Savings Hacks to Save on Amazon

  1. Open-box discounts – Amazon gives you huge discounts on items that have been opened and returned. Electronics, jewelry and more.
  2. Amazon Outlet Deals – Each day Amazon offers deals from their outlet just like lightning deals.
  3. Pre-order DVDs at the lowest price with a guarantee – You can pre-order DVDs, and if the price drops from the price you order it at, you get the lower price, even if it goes back up.
  4. Get cash back if the price drops – Did you know if the price drops you can get the difference back? This also applies if you find a lower price elsewhere. There is a 7-day window for this, and it applies to most items.
  5. Amazon Prime for shipping – It isn’t a secret that you can save big money with Amazon Prime for shipping. Pay $99 once get free 2-day shipping for a year. This is perfect if you, like me, order something a few times a month! Your prime comes with many other benefits.
  6. Free No Rush Shipping Credit – If you have Amazon Prime like above for shipping and select no rush shipping for a 3-5 day shipping time instead of the two days then you get a free $1 promotion credit that can be used on videos, movies, music and more.
  7. Watch free movies and TV with Amazon Prime – Another prime benefit. Watching television shows and movies for FREE with your Prime account is another great benefit. You can also buy full seasons of current TV shows and watch them 24 hours after they show on TV.
  8. Free radio with Amazon Prime – Same as the television and movies above get free access to Amazon music and radio with your prime account.
  9. Free Kindle books without a Kindle – Another benefit of Amazon Prime is the Kindle Owners Library that will allow you to get free books! There are over 800,000 titles to choose from.
  10. Kindle Unlimited – If you read a lot of books you can get Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 a month (plus one month free!) and read unlimited books. This can save you a ton of money, since the average book is about $4 – $9 on Kindle.
  11. Trade in clutter for Amazon gift cards – You can trade in new and used DVDs, electronics, video games and books and more and get Amazon Gift Cards in return.
  12. Save 20% on diapers and wipes with Amazon Family – Score deep discounts on diapers, wipes and other baby items with Amazon Family.
  13. Prime extension for missed shipping date – Did your item not make it by the guaranteed two day delivery time with your prime membership? In many cases, you can get a free month of Prime membership for this! If you paid extra for one-day shipping, they will reverse the shipping charges.
  14. Free apps – You can download a bunch of free apps and games each day. The freebies are always changing so don’t wait!
  15. Save 15% with Subscribe and Save – You can save up to 15% with Subscribe and Save. Get items delivered once a month or once every six months and save money. You can get one month of the item and cancel at any time!
  16. Coupons – Clip Amazon Coupons. They have coupons for everything, food, diapers, certain brands and more. They change weekly so watch for them.
  17. Share a prime membership – You can share your Prime membership with up to 4 people. Consider getting together with a family member or two and splitting the cost of the membership!
  18. Prime Pantry – I use Amazon Prime Pantry to stock up on many items. Here you need to know your stock up prices because some things just aren’t worth it. But the one thing we splurge on is soda now and then I get it for $3 a case here which is cheaper than I can find out in town most of the time. I can get a decent deal on snacks for the kids here as well. Maximize it by using gift cards! Heck if you have free gift cards, do a bunch of grocery shopping and save your grocery bill!
  19. Baby registry and welcome box – Start your baby registry and get a free welcome box! Check out the left side of the screen on the baby registry page that tells you how to get this welcome box. Remember you can buy the items yourself instead of waiting for someone to do so. So add stuff you need like diapers and wipes!
  20. Force a promotion – This trick isn’t 100% BUT many times you can add items to your cart, then walk away. Watch your email as you might get a discount or special promotion to come back and buy that item. It is very hit or miss.
  21. Double browser trick – Amazon uses cookies just like any other site. So open one window then, open an incognito window. Shop for what you are looking for and compare prices. Sometimes you can find a better deal this way.
  22. Camel Camel Camel – This site helps you track Amazon prices and send you alerts when items you are watching hit the price you want to buy them at!
  23. TheTracktor.com – Compares prices all over the internet, sadly Amazon isn’t always the cheapest! But you can use that to get a better deal ON Amazon!
  24. Lightning deals – We all know about the lightning deals! They are deals Amazon has for only a few hours and are most popular around Black Friday.
  25. Gold box deals – These are one day deals from Amazon also more popular around Black Friday.
  26. Wish lists – While wishlists are ideal for holidays and birthday lists etc. Once an item is on your list, Amazon will track it for you. It will tell you how much the price has dropped or gone up since you added it to your wishlist and will send you periodic emails when the price drops.
  27. Price Jump – Kind of like TheTracktor.com above this helps you find out if Amazon has the best prices or not. This one you are comparing the prices on Amazon, and it will then tell you to buy from Amazon or not.
  28. Cash back with PayPal debit – Use a PayPal card or any card where you get cash back to save even more on every purchase.
  29. Earn free Amazon gift cards – I listed my top 45 places to earn free Amazon Gift Cards and my system on how I use my favorite sites to earn $210 or more a month in earn free Amazon Gift Cards.
  30. Save on College Books – You can save up to 90% with Amazon on textbooks! Buy them used, or rent them, purchase the Kindle version, so you aren’t lugging books around too. When you are done with them, sell them back to Amazon and use the money on next semester’s books!


30 Savings Hacks to Save on Amazon

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