10 Oreo Desserts Round Up

10 baked oreo desserts

 10 Oreo Desserts Round Up Oreo’s are a favorite treat in my household. I’m always on the look out for new recipes using my favorite cookies! I’ve rounded up ten different desserts that are made with Oreo’s. If you love Oreo’s as much as I do, then I’m sure you will find something yummy on… Read More »

Freezer Bag Ice Cream – 4 Flavors!


 Freezer Bag Ice Cream – 4 Flavors! Summertime means cool delicious desserts and treats.  One of the most popular and of course my personal favorite is homemade ice cream.  But what if you don’t have an electronic ice cream maker?  That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy great homemade ice cream any time you want. … Read More »

10 Frozen Oreo Desserts Round Up


 10 Frozen Oreo Desserts Round Up With summer upon us I’m always trying to find desserts to keep me cool. I also love incorporating Oreo’s into my desserts. This list of desserts are perfect cold summertime desserts and they use Oreo’s, in my book that is a win-win! 10 Frozen Oreo Desserts 1. Dipped Oreo… Read More »

Easter Candy Cupcakes

Easter Candy Cupcakes

I love baking and around easter we always have Easter candy floating around. So what a great way to get the kids involved then to decorate cupcakes? They love placing the ‘eggs in the nest’ on these. But they are more affectionately know as Candy Cupcakes around here! Easter Themed Cupcakes – Makes 12 Cupcake… Read More »

“Labor Inducing” Cookie Recipe

Labor Cookies

With baby #3 I was coming up to my due date after my first 2 were both born 3 weeks early. I was miserable and willing to try just about anything. A friend of mine made me these labor cookies. Several friends swear by them. I dont know if it was these or the million… Read More »

Root Beer Cupcakes With Cream Soda Frosting

Root Beer Cupcakes With Cream Soda Frosting

I have to admit if you havent noticed my now, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. So when I heard of Cream soda frosting something happened in my brain and said that NEEDS to go on Root Beer cupcakes! Here is the result! Ingredients Cupcakes: 1 cup root beer 1/2 cup root beer… Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Brownies

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Brownies

 The green holiday is coming! For St Patricks Day we always do food, and snacks around the green theme, but not all food has to be green! These St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Brownies are a great treat to go with the theme of the day!   Materials:   Box of brownie mix Container of white whipped… Read More »

Green Stripe Chocolate Covered Oreos Recipe

Green Stripe Chocolate Covered Oreos Recipe

   With StParticks Day on the way there are many way to bring some green to the food in your life. My family loves trying new green things, Green milk and green eggs and green pancakes are a hit in my house. This year I thought I’d tackle some desserts! Like these yummy Green Stripe Chocolate… Read More »

Crème de Menthe Donuts with Minty Frosting

mint donuts

How fun would it be to wake up on St. Patrick’s Day to a plate of these crème de menthe donuts complete with minty frosting? Whipping up your own batch is quite easy and inexpensive. Take a look below at how to make this minty sweet treat yourself so you can enjoy the St. Patrick’s… Read More »

Copy Cat Melting Pot Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fondue

Copy Cat Melting Pot Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fondue

Here is another great recipe from The Melting Pot. This makes for a great dessert after a long day and is perfect for movie night not just Valentines Day! Ingredients: 12 ounces dark chocolate, finely chopped ¼ cup heavy cream 3 tablespoons raspberry liqueur Instructions: Combine the dark chocolate and cream in the top of… Read More »

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